The cases of reckless driving in Virginia State had an alarming number in the past two decades. That is why today the Commonwealth of Virginia has quite severe traffic laws. According to VA reckless driving definition, reckless driving is a class 1 misdemeanor carrying maximum punishment of:

  • $2500 fine
  • Six (6) DMV points
  • Driver’s license suspension for six months
  • Jail time for twelve months

In order to understand VA reckless driving definition, here is what Virginia driving statute § 46.2-862. Exceeding Speed Limit says:

“An individual shall be guilty of the reckless driving offense who drives an auto vehicle on the highways in the Commonwealth of Virginia (i) at a speed of 20 mph or more than the applicable highest speed limit or (ii) more than 80 mph irrespective of the applicable highest speed limit.”

As per the above given explanation related to VA reckless driving definition, if you are driving 71 mph in the Virginia areas where the highest applicable speed limit is 50 mph, then you could be accused of reckless driving. The case of reckless driving becomes significantly severe when it involves an auto accident. To avoid a car accident as the result of one’s reckless driving, one must turn on the parking lights and signal the area with cones or triangles.

In case the chaotic situation of a collision has occurred, you must instantly notify the authorities about the incident. If there are injured people, we must first request medical and ambulance assistance, call the police to make the sketch and request a copy. It is important to note the number of the plaque and the station to which the agents who are present belong. In the case of a simple crash with no injuries or very minor, the law requires that the conciliation step has to be carried out at the accident site or in a conciliation center if an agreement is not reached, a demand is continued.

In case of a serious accident with injured or deceased, we must call our insurer or a lawyer to assist us in the criminal process; we must also bear in mind that the cars will be available to the prosecution and will be taken to the courtyards. In the hypothetical case in which we believe that our life is in danger and that is why we fled, we will have to stop at the nearest CAI to report what happened and to stay there so that the police can take the case. Getting hysterical or being aggressive can generate more tension and even reach situations of violence that we will later regret.

Do not talk about the account anymore. Until the authorities arrive, we must talk to the other driver involved (if there is one) only to exchange personal information. In the case of a traffic accident, we must always be aware of all our actions and our words to avoid major problems, try to reconcile in case of a simple crash and collaborate with the authorities. In case you are accused of reckless driving, you must retain a well-versed lawyer as soon as possible to defend your rights and get the most optimistic outcome in your favor.