Safety is of paramount importance for all of us. In fact, nothing can replace it than the necessity of being safe and secure in this world. In the Commonwealth of Virginia, reckless driving has compromised the lives of several citizens. That is why the State laws are quite severe and have significant reckless driving in VA punishment for such offense. As per Virginia’s Driving Code statute § 46.2-862. Exceeding Speed Limit, “An individual shall be guilty of the reckless driving offense who drives an auto vehicle on the highways in the Commonwealth of Virginia (i) at a speed of 20 mph or more than the applicable highest speed limit or (ii) more than 80 mph irrespective of the applicable highest speed limit.”

What would be better than choosing a vehicle that gives the teen driver all the security he/she needs. How to choose a safe vehicle for a teenager? Besides choosing a secure vehicle, it is imperative for you to adopt an agile attitude while driving otherwise you would face severe reckless driving in VA punishment. Here are some important consideration for the safety system that you must take into account when buying an auto:

  • Electronic Stability Control. Also known as ESC (for its acronym in English) is a computerized system that helps prevent the vehicle from losing control, individually braking the wheels in situations of risk to avoid skids. Without this, you could be accused of speeding thus face reckless driving in VA punishment.
  • Antilock Brake System. Also known as ABS (for its acronym in English) is a device that varies the braking force to prevent tires from losing grip with the ground.
  • Also known as “Airbags”, it is a passive safety element installed in automobiles as a complement to the seatbelt. Among many things it serves to absorb part of the kinetic energy of the body, to avoid an impact against elements of the interior of the vehicle, and to reduce the risk of injuries produced by fragments of glass coming from the windshield.
  • Car insurance. The first thing that the adolescent driver must acquire after obtaining the license is a suitable auto insurance that covers him and the others in the face of possible risks. You can help him obtain multiple quotes in stores, by phone or online. You can also consult with your trusted auto insurance advisor, to help you get the best prices on the insurance policy. Remember the higher DMV points on your license due to reckless driving in VA punishment, the more you are likely to bear car insurance expenses.

Undoubtedly, educating adolescents on road safety and providing them with a safe vehicle are the best options to keep our teenage drivers safe. It would be a great step to make them aware of Virginia traffic laws, at least the basic things like reckless driving in VA punishment. If you are accused of reckless driving, it is imperative on your part to retain a well-versed lawyer who can help you figure out your situation, minimize the penalties as much as possible and get you the best outcome in your favor.