Suspended License Attorney Virginia

The limited work and driving privileges are part and package of driver’s license suspension. When you lose the permission to drive, it can affect your day-to-day life significantly. Prevention of license suspension should be your goal in all cases. However, even if you happen to get a suspension, one should not lose hope.

The most important aspect of your license getting suspended is the court’s ability to issue “limited driving privileges” as a result of DWI or traffic violation. While considering your case independently, the judge can permit you to drive keeping in view any of the following purposes:

  • Employment needs
  • Household Maintenance
  • Treatment ordered by the court
  • Education needs
  • Emergency medical needs
  • Community services

It is important that you hire an attorney who is experienced in requesting and obtaining limited driving privileges. Driving for work seems to be most commonly sought driving permission following the suspension of a driving license. This privilege of driving for work allows the petitioner to drive to and from during his work hours. A copy of your judgment should be kept with you at all times, in case you get your limited driving privileges granted. Limited driving privileges require you to tread in safe waters with extreme caution. You have to educate yourself about the restriction so that you operate within the designated parameters.

The mistake often made by the convicted people is that they assume that being a good person, and due to the fact that you earn and take care of your family, and being a regular tax-payer, you can get some form of relief. It is important to realize there are some offenses where there is just no space for forgiveness. It’s fair to say that if someone wants limited driving privileges, or they seek some form of relief from the court, and this being significantly different from dealing with the DMV, one needs considerable insurance. There are multiple forms in your way as well as heaps of filing fees. It is a lot more complicated than you think.

It is common for people to pay fine for a traffic violation, without realization of the fact that combined with their previous violations, they have exceeded the number of points that are allowed on your driver’s license. Which basically means their license has been suspended. The reason that results in suspension of license can be as follows:

  • Speeding conviction of exceeding the speed limit of 55 mph two times in a row in a single year.
  • Conviction of reckless driving and conviction of speeding of more than 55 mph in one year.
  • Going 15 mph over the posted speed limit.
  • Racing of vehicles
  • Exceeding the speed limit of 75 mph
  • Driving under the influence, e., someone under 21 years old who was driving after consumption of alcohol.

How Virginia’s Laws are Different?

It is often underrated by the people how serious of a crime it is to drive recklessly in the state of Virginia. The most common reason for this misconception may be that people are mostly given only a ticket for their reckless driving or may be due to the fact that they have heard people having only being punished with a fine when they plead guilty in case of reckless driving. Nevertheless, reckless driving is misdemeanor falling into the same category as Assault and Battery, DUI and punishment can often be more serious than for possession of marijuana.