Virginia DUI

Driving Under the Influence – DUI Virginia

Driving under the influence DUI is a crime in Virginia. It is strictly prohibited to drink alcohol or take any drug and drive. It is known that some drugs in other states are declared legal, but in Virginia, possession of any drug will land you in problems, including alcohol. When you are charged with DUI, there are two reasons; 1. Either you are found drunk by the officer while driving 2. Or your blood alcohol concentration percentage is higher than .08. DUI has class 1 misdemeanor charges in their crime category. The court can suspend your license for a year, and there are chances of getting a fine of as much as $2,500. Mandatory prison of a day is also included in misdemeanor 1 class which can exceed up to a year in jail.

When it comes to the DUI charges, it is up to how severe the offense was. Putting someone else’s life in danger with your driving can land you in reckless driving crime as well which has misdemeanor class 1 charges, too. If you are charged with the DUI, and it is your first offense, then you will have no mandatory incarceration. But, if the defendant had any minor in the car, then there will be 15 days of mandatory incarceration. Also, if the driver had a blood alcohol concentration percentage more than .15 (mandatory incarceration of five days minimum), or the driver had a blood alcohol concentration percentage more than .20 (mandatory incarceration of ten days minimum). The fine is $250 minimum according to the misdemeanor class 1 category. But, if there was a minor with you in the vehicle, then the minimum fine will raise up to $500. If you are charged with DUI first offense, then you will be on probation for at least five years. If you commit the second offense in this period, you will be given more severe penalties and longer sentences. If you’re found guilty of driving under the influence in Virginia, you’ll have to do VASAP – Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program. There is no way around this requirement if you’re convicted, even if the DUI was only for prescription medication! Some courts may not require VASAP upon pain of going to jail; however, you would have to complete VASAP to clear your license with Virginia DMV.

How to drop charges?

There is no way you can drop your DUI charges if you are declared guilty in your first offense. All you can do is to refrain yourself from doing this again because the second offense will land you in even more severe penalties and might take away your permanent driving privileges. Your license will be suspended for 60 days on your second offense. You can contact an attorney near to your place, or you can contact us for an experienced lawyer. Consultation with the lawyer is always free, so you are welcome to talk about your case, and we guarantee you the best possible route for you.